Feminism India

Do You Use These 6 Excuses For Not Being A Feminist?

To say that feminism gets a bad rap is a gross understatement. For a movement with such reasonable goals, feminism is vastly misunderstood and bashed at. I am a late bloomer myself. I used to shy away when someone mentioned feminism. I didn’t want to appear medieval but also didn’t fancy associating myself with feminism either. I thought that simply wasn’t my battle. Boy, was I wrong! I converted to feminism when I first came across this quote. Yes, I do have a vagina and I am in charge of it. That makes me a feminist? How so? I learned that being a... read more »

Twitter Celebrates International Women's Day With A Bang!

This year, Women's Day was celebrated with a bang all over the world. We had the 'BraToss Challenge' by Lilly Singh and her crew at Girl Love, and of course, we had inspirational videos and speeches flooding our social media. Yesterday, I was proud to be a woman. I was proud to be part of a day and age where equality isn't seen as a privilege but as a right. We wouldn't be celebrating womanhood without all the strong and courageous women who paved the way for us years ago. So for those who missed the social media party yesterday and for those who suffer from... read more »

Part 1: Girls, I have your back!

Disclaimer: I am quite apologetic for reinforcing gender binaries by writing this two-part series. But a positive change in at least one person will be worth the inequity that I commit now. Last month, the world was thrilled to watch Adele share her Grammy with Beyoncé. As she stood on the podium, broke her Grammy and acknowledged the work of a fellow female artist with love, respect, and adoration – she sent out a message to millions of women all over the world. That two women, working in the same profession are truly capable of appreciating each other’s work without bitterness. The terms catfight, popular cliques,... read more »

A Message from Underestimated Teenagers

Teens' A word that has got numerous beliefs with it. Always given a treatment of being old when it's about being responsible and a treatment of being young when it's time to implement. All the people who have just crossed their teens also come up with lessons and allegations, innumerable ones. Maybe they're right. But teens are not kids, some make mistakes. Some get baffled. Some are lost. But think about it, aren't people like these existing in every age group? Teens are underestimated, considered immature, and yes, they are believed to be not in the right age to find love. Don't demotivate them. Don't discourage... read more »

Moral Policing: A Case of Watchdogs Gone Rabid

You’ll feel their eyes burning holes on you as you walk hand in hand with your boyfriend. Those very eyes will pointedly look the other way though when you squirm from a pair of wandering hands in a crowded bus. They will brazenly stare, drool and slyly mutter, "nice boobs" (think of the colourful verbology in your mother-tongue) at you. They may also look the other way when they find someone on the roads desperately in need of help. Like some must have done the day my cousin bled to death after a hit-and-run accident on a busy highway. Given a chance to persecute and... read more »