Feminism India


A scared bird flies off away from home. You pretend to take her under your wing but instead, you do something so heinous; an act so vile, that for months, she could not even comprehend what happened. Yet you walked around, your head held high. You didn’t stop there, did you? You stalked relentlessly. Your satanic gaze seemed to have paralysed her, until one day you went too far. Something inside her snapped like a twig. She did what she could to protect herself this time. But the fear that you planted in her heart was nurtured every single time she encountered you. Some days... read more »

Lost: A Paradise

In October, 1992, an Army unit entered the Kashmiri village of Chak Saidpora, on a search for militants. No warrant was required, as per the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act for Jammu and Kashmir. Approximately nine women with ages ranging from eleven to sixty were raped during the operation. Victims reported of soldiers specifically asking for the women in the houses they entered, and proceeding to rape them. In 1999, four women from the Daree Village, Doda, were detained for four days, where they were raped and tortured by senior Army officials, including the commanding officer. After this, a fake certificate was made by a doctor... read more »

Navratri and the Female Divine

Navratri or Navarathri literally means 'nine nights' in Sanskrit. It is one of the most auspicious Hindu festivals in India. The festival Sharad Navratri is the most observed in the honor of the divine feminine Durga Devi. It is celebrated during the months of September and October. The legend goes that Mahishasur the demon who could change his form at will set out to capture the heavens with his huge army. Lord Indra led the battle on the Gods side and a mystical power named 'Durga' emerged out of it to destroy the demon. She destroyed Mahishasur, thus sustaining life. This female form of Shakti is... read more »

Unpaid Care Work -Who Cares For The Care Worker?

Rukmini is 38. Since the age of 19 when she was married, her day begins before dawn helping her aged mother-in-law to the outdoor toilet. Every day seems the same to her. Earlier she had to send her children to school now she sends them to college. Though she works from dawn to dusk, taking care of the household, her aged in-laws and children, she is often belittled by her husband and sisters-in-law for being ‘just a housewife’. Like Rukmini many unpaid care workers remain unacknowledged. Their invaluable contribution to the community remains unrecognised and undervalued. Unpaid care work includes those services and production of goods... read more »

"It's not my India!"

As he does in music, Rahman has with much brevity fleshed out and expressed his emotions over the killing of Gauri Lankesh. This is not about the ideological clashes and mud slinging that has been profusely diffused into the assassination. This isn’t about the glorifying or critiquing of her journalistic narrative and curve as an activist. This is merely about spelling out a basic inherent right guaranteed with our existence: Freedom. Shot dead in a land known for its independence, free will and liberty of state. It is an event of international shame with transnational players calling out to the institutions and more. Any incident... read more »