Feminism India

A Message from Underestimated Teenagers

A word that has got numerous beliefs with it.
Always given a treatment of being old when it's about being responsible and a treatment of being young when it's time to implement.
All the people who have just crossed their teens also come up with lessons and allegations, innumerable ones.
Maybe they're right.
But teens are not kids, some make mistakes. Some get baffled. Some are lost.
But think about it, aren't people like these existing in every age group?
Teens are underestimated, considered immature, and yes, they are believed to be not in the right age to find love.
Don't demotivate them. Don't discourage them. Because what teens can do, you can't. They've that fire.
About love, people centuries back fell in love when they were in their teens. Read classics, you'll know the best of the love stories have started in teenage years.
You people are elders, you've gone through teens as well. If you really understand what they are, don't assume every teenager to be the same.
It is the age to evolve, and they shall evolve when they make mistakes and learn from them.
Let them go ahead, stop and throw allegations when extremely needed.
Then they will be the kind of the grown ups you want them to be - underestimated teenagers.

I'm an engineering enthusiast who loves poetry and writing. I work as a creative writing mentor, a budding entrepreneur and a public speaker. I'm also just a normal woman who loves to dance.