Feminism India

A New Urban Feminist Act

I’ve noticed that in an urban society, everything a woman does is political. Should she decide to earn outside her house, people stick their noses in her business. If she doesn't shave her legs (for whatever reason), she's then turned into some sort of fourth-wave feminist hero. If she turns down nudes from someone she doesn't know, there we go again. She's a rude bitch.

Let's touch the hot potato.
If men were to do the things that aren't traditionally considered masculine, people wouldn't be so fearful. We're still stuck in a rut of seeing women as, well, women, and seeing men as people. It would be considered abnormal by society's standards if a man were to work as a homemaker, but he wouldn't be a representative for other male homemakers. He's just one out of countless other men, and it's his choice. If he's terrific with an eyeshadow and a blending sponge, he's just a man interested in make - up. He doesn't represent the male population at large (James Charles, anyone?)

Routine things that women do are considered conscious and purposeful acts of rebellion against the fabric of society. Right from the simple act of putting on lipstick to the more complicated issue of negotiating with unreasonable people, whatever women consider to be authentic expressions of themselves are supposedly motivated towards some ulterior goal.
Good god, can you believe women want to be treated as individual people, and not as spokespersons of a larger group?

This is best seen on social media in comment wars about gender issues. In any of these online arguments, people rush to say ‘not all men’. Not all men rape, not all men abuse, not all men are bad, et cetera. People find it necessary to point out that one man doesn't represent all men. In the same argument comes the phrase ‘all you women’. All you women are angry, all you women are obnoxious. All you women rush in to defend her just because she's female. See a pattern?

Therein lies the issue, in my opinion. We've got to a point where everything can be turned into a cause for discussion and argument if a woman does it. In my mind, it's simply because rebellion in small, seemingly pathetic ways can indicate a more radical mindset within.

It gets tiring sometimes to be scrutinized by two opposing parties for everything one does. A woman mustn't have to worry about wearing make-up to please men, nor must she be pressured into not wearing it as an act of rebellion. Perhaps a new feminist act could be letting women just be. Perhaps then this movement could get out of a rut and we could all focus on larger projects towards gender equality instead of just arguing online about trivial things. It's up to us to uphold each other in being confident to stay true to ourselves, so that we can express ourselves without unnecessary judgment and move on. A woman, an individual entity, decides what her personal revolts against oppression are. She decides how to express herself to stay true to who she is.