Feminism India


Feminism India is a community of young writers across the globe working towards bringing a voice to the many situations that affect women on a daily basis. We focus on creating solutions and moving forward from the orthodox mentalities of the past towards a brighter future where we can live harmoniously in an indifferent society.

In early 2016, Meenal Viz, a final year medical student in Prague, decided to start this community to bring like-minded individuals together to discuss topics that are relevant in today’s globalised society. Growing up in a traditional Indian community in Europe, she felt the need to address issues which played a role in shaping her personality. When she dug deep, she realised how there was a void in awareness and communication about these issues in her home country of India.

It was in order to foster these discussions, that she went looking for writers and contributors to join her vision. And it was on such a quest that she met Ankita, through her blog, 22 Nelson Street. After the very first phone call, ideas sparked between the two and slowly, they started to write and build feminismindia.com

But they didn’t just stop there. After writing for a couple of months, they felt that their voice needed to be louder and it had to echo even further than just India. So they launched their new project - Desi Outsiders, a podcast which addresses the very issues which you will find on feminismindia.com

As Desi Outsiders grew into Season 2, they decided to merge both these platforms by officially announcing that feminismindia.com was the blog of desioutsiders.com

We hope you enjoy both platforms and find relevant conversations that you want to be a part of.