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Priyanka Madan on Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Priyanka Madan is a lawyer in London. She's been mostly independent from the age of 16 when she landed a scholarship to finish high school in Singapore. She returned to India after forgoing the initial plan of pursuing engineering to become a lawyer. In 2015, Priyanka graduated from the National Law School, Bangalore, and in 2016, she joined her first job as a corporate lawyer in London. It all sounds easy when you say it like that, but only she can tell you about all the hard work that went into how she got to where she is. On our podcast, Desi Outsiders, Meenal and I... read more »


Episode 1 of our podcast - “What marriage, now?” - was our attempt to summarise the marriage situation in India, specifically when it comes to the shit-storm that youngsters in our country have to navigate the minute they introduce their girlfriends/boyfriends to their families. We discussed how we felt that religion was usually the biggest barrier when it came to marrying someone of your choice, followed by caste and community. However, if you’ve listened to the episode, you might remember that we mentioned another little point about “numbers” in passing, but couldn’t dwell on it too much due to the simple technicality of... read more »

Who else has a weird period story?

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It feels great to address you guys once again on the day before the release of our next episode. There has been a gap of two weeks since we last interacted and before I even think of moving on to more serious topics, I should address why I didn’t turn up as promised last week. Wait. I feel ashamed for having implied that my reason for not showing up was not “serious” enough. Because what I’m about to tell you is of utmost importance to me and through this piece, I hope to communicate with at least a small subset of... read more »

Why We're Here

Hi. We meet again on the day before the launch of our next episode. For the past 6 weeks, Meenal and I have been talking about big, BIG topics with you guys. We discussed the obsession of our generation with the term “love” marriage, the common fallacies about marriage in India, the plight of the younger daughter who gets left behind once an older female child elopes from the family, the second most common obsession of our country in terms of education and career, the basic differences between a western and Indian school system, and the career choices available to the budding generations of our country.... read more »

Exams, Ranks and Suicides

Last Wednesday, I wrote about certain numbers that society likes to fixate on when it comes to marriage in India. I discussed how I myself had been taunted about my height (or the lack of it) and the age difference I shared with my husband. But today, I wish to take the discussion on numbers a little further by addressing the same in the education scene in India. If you aren’t familiar with the education system in India, you should know that at least back when I was still in school, we didn’t have a grading system. What we had was a mark system.... read more »