Feminism India

Confessions of a Newlywed Feminist

Two months ago, I got married. Ever since, my identity as a Feminist was mulled over, chewed upon, dissected and reinforced! It has evolved. Let me tell you how it happened. I was blissfully happy. Everywhere I looked, unicorns seemed to fart rainbows. One week into the marriage, I reported back at work where my friends were naturally curious about the state of affairs. And to a male friend’s casual enquiry of who does the cooking, I proudly declared that I take care of it. Mostly. He sounded appalled and went “there goes your feminist bullshit. Got married and became one of them, huh?” I... read more »

Do You Use These 6 Excuses For Not Being A Feminist?

To say that feminism gets a bad rap is a gross understatement. For a movement with such reasonable goals, feminism is vastly misunderstood and bashed at. I am a late bloomer myself. I used to shy away when someone mentioned feminism. I didn’t want to appear medieval but also didn’t fancy associating myself with feminism either. I thought that simply wasn’t my battle. Boy, was I wrong! I converted to feminism when I first came across this quote. Yes, I do have a vagina and I am in charge of it. That makes me a feminist? How so? I learned that being a... read more »

Moral Policing: A Case of Watchdogs Gone Rabid

You’ll feel their eyes burning holes on you as you walk hand in hand with your boyfriend. Those very eyes will pointedly look the other way though when you squirm from a pair of wandering hands in a crowded bus. They will brazenly stare, drool and slyly mutter, "nice boobs" (think of the colourful verbology in your mother-tongue) at you. They may also look the other way when they find someone on the roads desperately in need of help. Like some must have done the day my cousin bled to death after a hit-and-run accident on a busy highway. Given a chance to persecute and... read more »