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You're Good...For A Girl: An Overview of Women in Music

We live in the 21st century. Areas like music, visual art, and dance have pretty much equal representations of both sexes, right? In school, my art classes were filled to the brim with young talented girls and occasionally (maybe once in two years) an equally talented boy would join. At school and college fests, I'd see all-girl dance teams and perhaps one or two dance teams with boys. Singing in various choirs over the years, I noticed that for every fifteen girls there was perhaps one boy (if we were lucky). At the professional level, something very different is seen. It's like we lose the plot... read more »

Faith, Farces, and Females.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of other contributors to FI. I understand that this is a sensitive topic and I write this to pose questions that we all can think about. I do not intend to offend. I've interacted with several people who call themselves feminists, both online and offline. Most of them either identify as atheist or anti-religious. I see feminist pages on Instagram with 'god-free' or 'atheist' in their bios. Famous feminists have often rejected religion. I've been raised in a Christian home with both my parents being supporters and advocates of gender equality.... read more »

MTV Movie and TV Awards 2017: Why it Won

The first week of May ended with the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards. You know, that awards show where they hand out popcorn tub-shaped trophies for ‘Best Kiss’ and things like that? Yeah, no one paid too much attention to it for a while but this year’s ceremony was definitely worth taking note of. It started out as a prize ceremony for excellent performances in cinema but came to include television shows as well this year. You, therefore, had small screen shows like ‘Stranger Things’ compete with massive Oscar-winning movies like ‘Moonlight’. It's safe to say that other award shows could take a leaf... read more »


Karolin Klüppel is a German photojournalist who extensively documents matrilineal and matriarchal tribes all around the world. My mother has the pleasure of belonging to one of the tribes Klüppel has photographed: the Khasis of Meghalaya. This article features some of the photos from her series on Khasi girls: Mädchenland (or ‘country of girls’ in English). For the uninitiated, Meghalaya is a state in northeast India. The Khasis are one of the three matrilineal tribes that live there, the other two being the Garo and Jaintia tribes. Since my mother is Khasi, I'll be writing only about them. Khasis (indeed all native northeast Indians) add diversity... read more »

Flower Boy

When people talk about effeminate boys and men, I imagine they’re in a zoo, gossiping about some strange creature that entertains them and makes them slightly uncomfortable. It goes a little like this: “Here, we have an exhibit of flower boy. Flower boy can be found hiding in parts of modern society with flushed cheeks and soft hands. He smiles coyly and crosses his thighs when he sits. Sometimes, flower boy gets sad, and he cries like a baby. Look! Creatures like these tend to be weak and abnormally girly. Some even dare to hug other boys and kiss their foreheads. Look! Hahaha! He’s... read more »