Feminism India

Flower Boy

When people talk about effeminate boys and men, I imagine they’re in a zoo, gossiping about some strange creature that entertains them and makes them slightly uncomfortable. It goes a little like this: “Here, we have an exhibit of flower boy. Flower boy can be found hiding in parts of modern society with flushed cheeks and soft hands. He smiles coyly and crosses his thighs when he sits. Sometimes, flower boy gets sad, and he cries like a baby. Look! Creatures like these tend to be weak and abnormally girly. Some even dare to hug other boys and kiss their foreheads. Look! Hahaha! He’s... read more »

Cherries Don't Pop

WARNING: Graphic language. The night Katherine of Aragon married Prince Arthur, it seemed like all of England was waiting outside their bedroom for the consummation of their marriage. Arthur was timid and Katherine found him disgusting. They didn't have sex. Both of them were virgins but Katherine knew that in the morning the entire royal family would spill into the room to check the sheets for her blood. If they didn't find any stains, her chastity would be a point of contention. What did she do? According to some historians and authors, she cut the sole of her foot to stain the sheets with that blood.... read more »

A New Urban Feminist Act

I’ve noticed that in an urban society, everything a woman does is political. Should she decide to earn outside her house, people stick their noses in her business. If she doesn't shave her legs (for whatever reason), she's then turned into some sort of fourth-wave feminist hero. If she turns down nudes from someone she doesn't know, there we go again. She's a rude bitch. Let's touch the hot potato. If men were to do the things that aren't traditionally considered masculine, people wouldn't be so fearful. We're still stuck in a rut of seeing women as, well, women, and seeing men as people. It... read more »