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Following Your Artistic Passions : A guest interview with Lasya Esha

Esha Malkani, founder of Lasya Dance on YouTube, grew up in a tiny country on the tip of Europe - Gibraltar. She has been dancing since the age of 13 and followed through with her passion for dancing at University in London. Bharatnatyam has played a big role in everything Esha does and she always turns to this dance form when searching for inspiration. Ankita and I had a lovely chat with her on our podcast Desi Outsiders and we can guarantee you'll leave this post feeling just as inspired as we were! M: I knew you from a very young age and I remember watching... read more »

Trolling Wars: A Tale of Empathy and Compassion.

When we first started our project, we had tremendous support from all our close friends and family. Our loved ones wanted to see us pursue our passions, but they were also worried that we might get hurt along the way. We never for a moment, mulled over any negative implications that a project like this could bring. At the start of any project, when you’re focused on crossing all your t’s and dotting your i’s and going through your checklists with gusto, it leaves very little space in your mind to think about what could go wrong. Because surely working towards a social... read more »

Twitter Celebrates International Women's Day With A Bang!

This year, Women's Day was celebrated with a bang all over the world. We had the 'BraToss Challenge' by Lilly Singh and her crew at Girl Love, and of course, we had inspirational videos and speeches flooding our social media. Yesterday, I was proud to be a woman. I was proud to be part of a day and age where equality isn't seen as a privilege but as a right. We wouldn't be celebrating womanhood without all the strong and courageous women who paved the way for us years ago. So for those who missed the social media party yesterday and for those who suffer from... read more »

2017 - Are We Really In The 21st Century?

“But she didn't respect her religion. People are angry she wore a dress and showed more flesh than what is accepted in her society" Mohammed Shami's wife was put under the spotlight on social media last week and for me to even attempt to explain what happened and why, I might just take off into space with the fire and anger that is bubbling inside me right now. So instead of sending myself off to space, I'm just going to leave this right here: This is the perfect time for me to just remind us all why Desi Outsiders was born and why this project holds... read more »

"Gurl, get yo ass up and work!"

Last week was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for both Ankita and I, the stress of producing content and releasing it on time is one which both of us really underestimated. Not to forget, that we also like to pretend we have a life outside the podcast. I have a very intimate relationship with my basketball shoes and Ankita, well, just watch her Instagram stories. Our souls are immersed in what we do and that's because we treat it like a delicate, year old child. Or in Ankita's case, a delicate, year old puppy. Watching an episode on Netflix makes me feel like I'm the... read more »