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I Am A Younger Indian Daughter And This Is My Story

"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen" - Winston Churchill This was the mantra that played in my head on loop any time there was a disagreement in my family regarding my actions or behaviour. So I listened and 'respected' my elders and perhaps even manipulated my own mind into thinking there was nothing wrong. So much so, that it wasn't a courageous act, it was cowardice. "Meenal, you've never come out for dinner with us, is it because you don't like hanging out with us?" "Meenal, what do you even do... read more »

You Are Your Biggest Investment

"I snapped the head off the barbie doll and used it as a tennis ball" - this was my explanation to Ankita on episode 4 as I tried to portray the extent to which I'm just not interested in the usual 'girly girl' ideology. My years in university have confirmed that I just cannot handle too much estrogen around me for long periods of time, here's why: "I feel so lonely, I wish I had a boyfriend who would take me out to a fancy dinner" "Czech Republic is so lonely at times, you need someone to spend time with, it's very difficult to survive here... read more »

Finding Purpose - Meet Our Extended Family in Kenya

How many Superwoman vlogs have you watched where you can tell she's got bigger circles under her eyes than your own friendship circle and yet she still says "gotta keep hustling". All this is somewhat inspiring, it gives you a rush which lasts for around a minute or so. Within that minute, your mind re plans your whole life and your daily routine and you create a pseudo version of yourself being productive, finding your passions and tackling them head on. A minute later, you say "Ok, I'll start working on it right after this cat video". Two weeks later, you watch another Superwoman vlog, she... read more »

Nobody Owes You Anything

"Stand up for yourself, love yourself, respect yourself". Sounds great on paper and even better when someone says this to you, just like I had said, quite passionately, in Episode 1 - What Marriage Now? Sept 2008: It's a Wednesday afternoon and as always, my brain was on auto-pilot. Run out of school - drop school bag home - run to basketball training. I was 15 years old and the only thing I loved the most apart from my Mum's chole bhature at that age, was basketball. I was playing for over six years by this point and while some girls were obsessed with having their... read more »