Feminism India

The Social Costs of Progressiveness

“It isn’t about 'becoming' another person - I already am who I am - I just want my body to reflect that. It is not like I am suddenly changing from the person you have always known- this is more about your willingness to see who I have always been” -Cooper Lee Bombardier I am from a land where all major manifestations of God is in the form* of women. A land where we shout out ‘Jai mata di’, bow our heads in front of the goddess and disrespect women all at the same time. A land where respect towards ideas like Narishakthi and Ardhanareeshwaran... read more »

Femvertising: Are they practicing what they are preaching?

With corporates flooding the world and grown to take captive popular imagination, it is of need to analyse the means by which they have penetrated so deep to touch chords earlier less discussed in society. Corporates have taken up the task, and in many cases rightfully so to educate and spread the message of social equity and global welfare. Advertising has become the most powerful corporate vajrayudha. The merit of any corporate PR campaign being judged on how well they could convey a social message while pushing their product to public discourse. With Feminism becoming the latest gung ho topic, corporate advertising obviously diverted to the... read more »

Pro Life VS Pro Choice : Abortion laws for rape victims

The moral and ethical debate surrounding a woman’s right over her own body and the rights of an unborn baby has been playing out in various permutations and combinations throughout history. Like all issues, the question has taken religious and political notions with time. The question captured public imagination again with Arkansas bringing out an apparently Pro-life law that allows a woman’s husband to sue her if she gets an abortion even if it involves marital rape. The very right over one's own body has been taken away. The moment an individual’s right over the very basic physical existence is taken away, the... read more »

An Unapologetic Existence

Not less than one month after the Oscars and the glorious goof up, cinephiles across the globe are still debating about Isabella Huppert missing out on the Oscars for English-French production 'Elle'. Not far away, and on a much wider scale, society and feminists are attempting to dissect the feminist undertones of the film with some describing 'Elle' as one of the most powerful expressions of post-modern feminist cinema, some calling it ‘anti-sexist’, and even as ‘misogyny masquerading as feminism’. I got the chance to see the flick during the International Film Festival of Kerala this year. I came out very disturbed and to be frank,... read more »