Feminism India

Feminism of Contradiction: To be or not to be?

We live in a society where being a woman is a feat in its own merit. With the drastic increase in discussions about feminism and gender issues today, a million opinions of individuals all over the world have emerged. There are those who are concerned about the state of society. Among them, there are those who call themselves ‘feminists’: men and women who try to find solutions to the challenges that women face. Some of them are learned scholars, people with degrees in anthropology and social sciences. Some are self-taught and self-proclaimed. Within these groups, there are sects: from mild sympathizers to radical revolutionaries to straight... read more »

A Sight For Sore Eyes: Feminism In Contemporary Television

The show business does not have the best reputation, especially when it comes to a fair portrayal of the sexes. Roles, screen-time, and opportunity both on and behind the screen have been long criticized as being biased. The pinches of off-screen patriarchy are often translated to punches of objectification and stereotype on-screen, fueling much feminist aggression regarding the general trend. However, with the most popular shows on English television taking a lead in putting a woman at the helm of their stories, a silver lining seems to emerge. Here we take a look at the most feminist-friendly shows on television, that treat their women right. Game... read more »

Feminstagramming: The Rise of the Creative Feminist on Social Media.

DISCLAIMER: This post contains graphic images. Where there is a society, there are opinions. And these, when strong enough, find a way to be expressed. Opinions often have to fight great odds to be shared, and subsequently, gather more potency as they beat their suppressors. Women through history have been known to have opinions of this exact nature. Thankfully for those of us living in urban societies of the 21st century, gone are the days when Jane Austen had to use a pseudonym to comment on the world and its working. Today, women who are aware, empowered, and passionate about their identities and their place in... read more »