Feminism India


Ashna was a hot headed 18 year old engineering student determined to make a name for herself. Her mind was constantly confused between cynicism and idealism; wanting to go and save the world at times and cursing her very existence at other times. When the time came, she packed up her bags and left a teary eyed mother and a reluctantly emotional father behind. It was there that she met him. A perfectly built, somewhat intimidating college senior. She couldn't explain the attraction at all. Her mother had warned her against the likes of such people. And yet, the next day she found herself replying favorably... read more »


A scared bird flies off away from home. You pretend to take her under your wing but instead, you do something so heinous; an act so vile, that for months, she could not even comprehend what happened. Yet you walked around, your head held high. You didn’t stop there, did you? You stalked relentlessly. Your satanic gaze seemed to have paralysed her, until one day you went too far. Something inside her snapped like a twig. She did what she could to protect herself this time. But the fear that you planted in her heart was nurtured every single time she encountered you. Some days... read more »

Girl Boss - Harassment At The Workplace

“How old is this one? Less than a two years old, you say?!” I was exasperated. Child marriages were common in my village, but this was outrageous. I vowed to stop this one as I could not bear the thought of yet another girl’s life ruined before she could even speak. I approached a women’s organization about the same, in the hope that something would be done for the girl. Though the wedding was delayed due to the arrival of the police, the family stealthily carried it out at 2am that night. Naturally, the villagers who supported this marriage believed that I had alerted... read more »

Technically Creepy

I buzzed and lit up with a banner on my screen which read "you have three new messages". The light caught her eye and she immediately typed in her password. When she saw that the prompt was from Facebook, she sighed and rolled her eyes. For the past two weeks, she had been receiving the most outrageous of messages in her "other inbox" and was beginning to wonder how many creeps could possibly exist on the internet. The figure 1.2 billion loomed ominously in her mind. As she slowly opened her inbox, she saw a message which read "ma'am, u r beauty with brains". Seeing... read more »

Skirt Lengths and Related Questions

This is an extract from the pages of a modern Indian woman's diary. Anushka is one of many women who become collateral damage in the battle between tradition and progress. The questions that are fired at her represent an inkling into the lives of such women who are subject to strict scrutiny at virtually all hours of the day. "So, what are your hobbies?", asked Jai. Anushka sighed internally. Her mother had forced her to meet him (and had already named the children she was hoping they would have together). She politely replied, "I enjoy adventure sports and boxing". In the pause that preluded his next... read more »