Feminism India

Atlas Should Have Shrugged

I decided that I had just about had enough. I glanced over at the other fingers; bent and worn with the immense weight and wondered when our punishment would finally end. For centuries, we had known nothing but the crushing weight of the sky and now it was high time things changed. We were aeons away from the times when we held goblets of spirit and listened to snippets of idle chatter among the gods and goddesses. Among the conversations one night, I overheard Hera lamenting about her recent gain in weight to one of the nymphs. I found this extremely strange since I had always... read more »

‘BRICK’ By Brick.

I kept slipping from the labourer’s calloused hands, desperately trying to give the woman a few precious seconds of ventilation. I had been fashioned into a brick by the skilled hands of a worker named Mir Aalam who found me among the various heaps of sand not far from Salim and Anarkali's designated spot for midnight rendezvous. At the time, I had been a mute spectator, listening to Salim quote lofty promises of love from ornate books of poetry written in the finest Urdu and illustrated by the most talented calligrapher in Agra.  Now, I was a perfectly rectangular brick, ready to be used as... read more »