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Body Shaming : Dos and Don'ts

I am in my mid-twenties and have had my share of body shamers who commented on every part of my body, on how I should behave and dress. People have commented on my skin colour, weight, my choice of clothing and behavior. Every wedding or ceremony that I go to is like an invitation for different uncles and aunties to impose their opinions on me. A couple of days back on World Yoga day, I saw a post about how an Indian actress was body shamed for the picture she had shared on her Instagram. When You Own Your Breath NoBody Steals Your Peace! Happy Yoya... read more »

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

The first Dove ad that touched my heart was the one where a forensic guy drew two descriptions of the same person. One showed how that person perceived herself and the other showed how another person perceived her. By the end of the ad, Dove showed you that you are more beautiful than you think you are. What a beautiful thought! Dove has been doing these socially conscious ads which spread positivity and self-love for quite some time. But, recently they got it all wrong with their new #Realbeauty bottles ad. If you haven't seen it yet, here it is: .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%... read more »

To the girl whom I still love….

I can’t seem to forget you. The smile on your face, bringing out the warmth into your eyes, looks mesmerizing as always. I wanted to reach out and touch your face and hold it in the palm of my hands. But, like it was some forbidden fruit, I held back. I stole a quick glance at you when I thought you weren’t looking. I still can’t believe it. That I got to see you after all these years. You haven’t changed much. The glasses make you look smarter. When you touch the rim of your glasses and push them up on the... read more »