Feminism India

Navratri and the Female Divine

Navratri or Navarathri literally means 'nine nights' in Sanskrit. It is one of the most auspicious Hindu festivals in India. The festival Sharad Navratri is the most observed in the honor of the divine feminine Durga Devi. It is celebrated during the months of September and October. The legend goes that Mahishasur the demon who could change his form at will set out to capture the heavens with his huge army. Lord Indra led the battle on the Gods side and a mystical power named 'Durga' emerged out of it to destroy the demon. She destroyed Mahishasur, thus sustaining life. This female form of Shakti is... read more »

How to Help an Anxious Mind

A typical day for me starts with snoozing my alarm for the nth time and finally waking up at the nick of time. Rushing through the morning routines and reaching office and then rushing through work. Then meeting my boyfriend and friends. Having dinner and going to sleep. This sounds perfectly okay. But, what you cannot see are the things that happened in between these things. Often times, we go through our daily routine without noticing the lives of other people. We think we are the protagonist in our life story. Well, we are. But, do we stop to think what role we play in another... read more »

Lipstick Under my Burkha : A bystander's review

Disclaimer: This is my first movie review. These are purely my thoughts and opinions. Spoiler ahead. I call myself a bystander because I'm a girl who is not allowed to go to movies in theatres. According to my community (Pentecost Christians from Kerala), it is a sin. Especially as a girl committing this act, I would be condemned and judged by everyone. I have to prepare myself to go to the movies. There are only three girls in my office including myself. We had decided a couple of weeks back to watch some good movies together. Something like a girls day/night out. We live in... read more »

Body Shaming : Dos and Don'ts

I am in my mid-twenties and have had my share of body shamers who commented on every part of my body, on how I should behave and dress. People have commented on my skin colour, weight, my choice of clothing and behavior. Every wedding or ceremony that I go to is like an invitation for different uncles and aunties to impose their opinions on me. A couple of days back on World Yoga day, I saw a post about how an Indian actress was body shamed for the picture she had shared on her Instagram. When You Own Your Breath NoBody Steals Your Peace! Happy Yoya... read more »

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

The first Dove ad that touched my heart was the one where a forensic guy drew two descriptions of the same person. One showed how that person perceived herself and the other showed how another person perceived her. By the end of the ad, Dove showed you that you are more beautiful than you think you are. What a beautiful thought! Dove has been doing these socially conscious ads which spread positivity and self-love for quite some time. But, recently they got it all wrong with their new #Realbeauty bottles ad. If you haven't seen it yet, here it is: .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%... read more »