Feminism India

A Regal Art

The Queens Another word to thank Shakespeare for is 'drag', to describe the event of cross-dressing. The art can be said to have begun out of necessity, when only males were permitted to grace the theatre stage. This would be the sixteenth century in England and most of Europe, during the reign of the Bard. In Japan, 1629 saw a ban on female actors in kabuki theatre. This gave rise to onnagata right through the nineteenth century, where male actors would play females in kabuki productions. The seeds of drag culture had been sewn, as even after Charles II allowed women to perform, men often performed... read more »

Nurturing Bright Young Minds

I have been studying this chapter for four hours, I’ll never finish the others today. Daydreaming, as usual. “The sex need is irresistible in man,” my Sociology textbook informs me. Striking out the last word, I scribble ‘humans’ on top. I add plural pronouns throughout the rest of the paragraph, pondering syntax and grammar to fit them in correctly. Now I read it again to study it. Studying Economics, I read that an entrepreneur aims to maximize his profits. I write, ‘/her’ in between the lines, next to it. At every point, I add female pronouns, glancing worriedly at the clock, but I can’t... read more »