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Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

The first Dove ad that touched my heart was the one where a forensic guy drew two descriptions of the same person. One showed how that person perceived herself and the other showed how another person perceived her. By the end of the ad, Dove showed you that you are more beautiful than you think you are. What a beautiful thought!

Dove has been doing these socially conscious ads which spread positivity and self-love for quite some time. But, recently they got it all wrong with their new #Realbeauty bottles ad. If you haven't seen it yet, here it is:

Dove decided to introduce a limited edition body wash in the UK in different shapes and sizes. But they got it wrong just like Pepsi got it wrong with their 'Protest' commercial featuring Kendell Jenner.

"From curvaceous to slender, tall to petite, and whatever your skin colour, shoe size or hair type, beauty comes in a million different shapes and sizes. Our six exclusive bottle designs represent this diversity: just like women, we wanted to show that our iconic bottle can come in all shapes and sizes, too." This quickly received a lot of backlash on Twitter. People were quick to point out that they didn't want to be reminded of their body shape while they were in their shower nor be compared to plastic bottles.

@MissMandyHale @Dove That is bizarre. Like, I just want to my body wash, not be reminded that I'm pear shaped. Women don't need to be categorized all the time.

— Julie Daniel (@thejuliedaniel) May 8, 2017

@FastCompany @Dove I love you @Dove but this is a terrible idea. Is your PR/marketing team asleep at the wheel or what?

— Mandy Hale (@MissMandyHale) May 8, 2017

@FastCompany @Dove Who looks at their body wash bottle and thinks, "I wish it looked more like me?" 🤔

— MusicMonkey (@MusicMonkey) May 8, 2017

At this point, it's like Dove following you around the store saying "Other people call you fat. Not me! Other people call you fat. Not me…" https://t.co/tbYFzEoLjs

— Sandra Newman (@sannewman) May 8, 2017

Some complained that their body shape wasn't included.

None of the Dove body shaped Shampoo bottles accurately captures my body. How do I feel beautiful now? pic.twitter.com/aHUvSthM5M

— ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@karishmau) May 9, 2017

Some tweeted it was the perfect body shape for the Muses from Hercules.

@FastCompany @Dove These are only realistic body types for The Muses from Hercules... pic.twitter.com/xTEC1vMmB1

— Omri (@Omri_Rawrlan) May 8, 2017

Some said they already had their perfect bottle.

thanks Dove but I already have a body wash that matches my natural curves :) pic.twitter.com/IIkKAn0LjQ

— Tim Federle (@TimFederle) May 8, 2017

For quite some time now, women have been told what to do and how to do it. They have also been likened to fruits. But now, Dove has likened them to bottles too. What next, Dove? Anything to sell your products, huh? It's high time we put a stop to this dictatorship by the beauty industry.

Let her be!

It is fine to use feminism in advertisements as long as you stick to what the real issues are. Dove should have stuck to showcasing #Realwomen on the screen instead of bottles. You ask for equal rights and pay, and you get this:

What women want: equal pay & opportunity, not-laughable health coverage, to walk to our car w out getting murdered

What women get: pic.twitter.com/gaSMPsNWF6

— Frenchi (@lilchilita) May 8, 2017

Brands, take it from Dove. Don't put your long running campaign ideals into package design. Let women be themselves.

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