Feminism India


A scared bird flies off away from home. You pretend to take her under your wing but instead, you do something so heinous; an act so vile, that for months, she could not even comprehend what happened. Yet you walked around, your head held high. You didn’t stop there, did you? You stalked relentlessly. Your satanic gaze seemed to have paralysed her, until one day you went too far. Something inside her snapped like a twig. She did what she could to protect herself this time. But the fear that you planted in her heart was nurtured every single time she encountered you. Some days she wished she could forgive and forget. Other days, she wished you dead. But every single day, she remembered what you did. How you singlehandedly took her conviction, her ideals, her hopes and destroyed them.
In the end, she needed you and the rest of your kind to know - you may have clipped her wings temporarily, but as long as she remembers how to fly, nothing can stop her.

Rhea Tewary

Mumbai |

When I introspect, I see myself as a self-aware person with an annoyingly steady moral compass juxtaposed with hints of brutal realism. I express myself best through writing and am an avid reader.