Feminism India

Femvertising: Are they practicing what they are preaching?

With corporates flooding the world and grown to take captive popular imagination, it is of need to analyse the means by which they have penetrated so deep to touch chords earlier less discussed in society. Corporates have taken up the task, and in many cases rightfully so to educate and spread the message of social equity and global welfare.

Advertising has become the most powerful corporate vajrayudha. The merit of any corporate PR campaign being judged on how well they could convey a social message while pushing their product to public discourse. With Feminism becoming the latest gung ho topic, corporate advertising obviously diverted to the same. Hence was born ‘Femvertising’.

Pepper your campaign with good ounces of women empowerment slogan, garnish it with relevant hash tags and serve it hot to an increasing media savvy generation for a sumptuous PR campaign.

The campaign has definitely led to a lot of positive imagery regarding gender equality and gender binaries.Nike had popularized it initially putting up a movement combining sports and girls.It went with their ethos and became a huge marketing gizmo for many other brands as well. Capsule instant doses of women empowerment and easiest way to score brownie points. But often they contradict themselves. One of the major proponents of femvertising campaigns have been beauty products and apparel brands. They often put forward an idea of body positivism through their feminist campaigns. However their product itself stands to beautify your exterior self. To whiten your skin, smoothen its texture and make you a modern manifestation of beauty. The product and the branding are in total conflict. The basic ethos are being cross analysed by their own campaigns. Not to mention the plethora of brands which put forward brand in the last 5 seconds of an AD this so far has no relation to their brand. The idea of women empowerment being reduced to levels of mockery and cheap publicity. I also don’t understand how products totally unrelated and often with company structures that sans woman are promoting women empowerment taglines as their motto. The very essence of their PR doesn’t align with their work ethic.

Of course it is great to move away from a ‘sexualized media’ but yet it shouldn’t be a movement for the sake of it. Putting men in bad light doesn’t actually capture the essence of feminism. If mudslinging another gender binary puts the other in colour, I don’t believe it captures the actual idea behind an equitable world.

Definitely these brands have made women empowerment and growth as a dining table discussion topic. But they have to put their own preaching into visible practice. How many MNC’s have at least 20% of the executive body filled with women? Visible on ground manifestations need to happen if we seek a long-time dream of an equitable world where we no longer talk about feminism, cause there is no more a need to stress in women empowerment. A long term dream where we are all equal.