Feminism India

Hello beautiful!

Hello beautiful,

This is to tell you,
Appraisals don't matter,
Until you feel
the beauty yourself
I've been complimented
All my life,
I've been asked out
By many,
This doesn't matter.

This is to tell you,
There is a part
Of me,
Which tells me
I'm not beautiful
Ignoring the opinions
Of everyone
Beauty lies within;
Is true actually
But to you,
This is just a quote

This is to tell you,
It's not the men
Who make you
It's you
Not for today
But forever
But to you
This is just a poem

This is to tell you,
Don't just say
'I'm beautiful'
Because you
Read something,
'I know the secret'
Say so,
Work on it
And to you,
This will make a difference

This is to tell you,
The day you
Wake up, and
Look into mirror
And feel
Shout out
To the world
That you're beautiful
And to you,
This will be a process

This is to tell you,
You are
All about yourself
And no one else
This process
Will bring out
The beauty
That lies within you
And to you
It will be the best moment ever.

I'm an engineering enthusiast who loves poetry and writing. I work as a creative writing mentor, a budding entrepreneur and a public speaker. I'm also just a normal woman who loves to dance.