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How to Help an Anxious Mind

A typical day for me starts with snoozing my alarm for the nth time and finally waking up at the nick of time. Rushing through the morning routines and reaching office and then rushing through work. Then meeting my boyfriend and friends. Having dinner and going to sleep. This sounds perfectly okay. But, what you cannot see are the things that happened in between these things.

Often times, we go through our daily routine without noticing the lives of other people. We think we are the protagonist in our life story. Well, we are. But, do we stop to think what role we play in another persons’ life story? In this post, you get a chance to go through the life of an anxious person. Mine.

My friends tell me am a pleasant person. Hearing it makes me happy. But what they do not know are the anxiety and panic attacks that I have. It only happens inside my head. From the beginning of each new day, my head feels like a battleground where anxiety and calmness meet. They say hi to each other and then decide to battle it out and see who wins. Whoever wins gets to be inside my head all day long. Obviously, I don’t want anxiety to win.

But, guess what, sometimes it does win. It gives me sleepless nights which makes it difficult to sleep and thus difficult to wake up. While going to sleep, questions come running into my mind. It is like a maze from which I can hardly escape. Even dreams sometimes are battles between different thoughts. It seems I have forgotten how to fall asleep. That brings me to two different scenarios:

1) Where I understand that it is just my anxiety and battle it out and come out of it victorious.

Haha. Funny. That hardly ever happens. So what actually happens is

2) I become super anxious and depressed. Because it seems Anxiety and Depression are BFFs and hate it when they are apart.

I recently found a comic strip which Nick Seluk, the awesome Awkward Yeti guy and Sarah Flannigan, a reader, had created which perfectly explains how Anxiety and depression are related and how it affects people. You can check the full post here.

You got a chance to go through how my mind works in the first image of this post. It may have seemed like what goes inside any other normal persons' head. But, multiply these thoughts n times and you can understand how the battle inside my head rages on and on. From what I go through, I have found three ways in which you can help someone who is going through anxiety and depression:

1) Listen to them. Help them see a doc. Here in India, going to see a doctor for your mental health is sometimes looked down upon. Everybody wants to portray themselves as mentally sound. There is nothing wrong in seeking help from a professional. People are now more open to getting help from a doctor for their mental health.

2) A hug. Virtual or real. That helps because sometimes we do not know the real reason why we are anxious or depressed. And a hug helps us to feel that there is someone to look out for us. Makes us feel that there is someone with us when we are at the low points in our life.

3) Kind words. This is important because, with your words, you can either help lift our mood or make us want to sink more into despair.

If you can do one of these things. If you can just be there for us, we will be able to get out of our anxiety and depression easily. Calmness will win you see.

To those of you who would like to know how I feel now, I feel great. Surrounded by some loving people, I feel better. It seems I get depressed only when it's time for Aunt Flo's visit (that is a story for another post). But most of the time these days, here is what I feel. Awe!

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