Feminism India

I wish...

I wish, I were 14 when he was 24
So that I wouldn't have these nights to deal with,
I would feel beautiful with my stretch marks,
And these huge thighs wouldn't be a burden.

I wish I was taught about a bad touch,
I wish I was taught to shout,
I wish I had not loved my candies so much,
I wish I could run away,
I wish I didn't love the idea of marriage so much.

I wish, I never met, this side of me,
When my belly intakes no food,
When my skin yells to swell,
When my heart shouts no good
And my mind encourages crime

When the mornings don't look sunny,
And the nights don't seem to be dark,
The happy voices don't reach my ears,
The beds are never comfortable
And all I can tell the world
Are my stories that are as dear as candies were to me. (I wish I meant it, and I weren't sarcastic )

I'm an engineering enthusiast who loves poetry and writing. I work as a creative writing mentor, a budding entrepreneur and a public speaker. I'm also just a normal woman who loves to dance.