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MTV Movie and TV Awards 2017: Why it Won

The first week of May ended with the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards. You know, that awards show where they hand out popcorn tub-shaped trophies for ‘Best Kiss’ and things like that? Yeah, no one paid too much attention to it for a while but this year’s ceremony was definitely worth taking note of. It started out as a prize ceremony for excellent performances in cinema but came to include television shows as well this year. You, therefore, had small screen shows like ‘Stranger Things’ compete with massive Oscar-winning movies like ‘Moonlight’. It's safe to say that other award shows could take a leaf out of this year's MTV Movie and TV Awards' book. Read on to find out why we think that it deserves an article on Feminism India.

FI observes: This is something that every artist believes in - no barriers. Divisions in award shows are human-made and often taken for granted.

FI observes: (This is a two-fold observation) Traditional mindsets do not have to be verbally communicated to creep into the consciousness of a community. At the same time, things are changing for the better!

FI observes: The future does look bright. We have more and more younger people becoming socially aware, and they claim equality and fairness for themselves and others through humorous and gentle reminders. Isn't that a good sign?

FI observes: This film was a groundbreaking one. Moonlight depicted homosexuality in a way that didn't pander to the average viewer's idea of a sassy white man wearing a feathery boa. This was a meaningful kiss, far more than just a saucy spectacle. This served a two-fold purpose: a shift towards non-heteronormative ideas of love, and visibility of PoC members of the LGBTQ community.

Of course, there were a few misses, such as Get Out, a diverse, popular, and socially relevant film, missing out on 'Best Movie of the Year' to Beauty and the Beast, a mainstream fairytale remake.
But the positives are what we'd like to focus on for this article! It's heartening to see a shift in award shows this year, in 2017, when not too long ago a popular hashtag was #OscarsSoWhite. Here's to more inclusive awards shows!