Feminism India

Girl Boss - Harassment At The Workplace

“How old is this one? Less than a two years old, you say?!” I was exasperated. Child marriages were common in my village, but this was outrageous. I vowed to stop this one as I could not bear the thought of yet another girl’s life ruined before she could even speak. I approached a women’s organization about the same, in the hope that something would be done for the girl. Though the wedding was delayed due to the arrival of the police, the family stealthily carried it out at 2am that night. Naturally, the villagers who supported this marriage believed that I had alerted... read more »

"Beta, You've Been Watching Too Much TV"

We've talked about movies, storybooks, of underage princesses giving up their dreams and originally admirable qualities to marry their 'charming' saviours; but how deeply have we discussed the myriad of cartoons and other series that entertain kids almost every day? Whether it's a classic that makes us smile nostalgically, or a recent hit, the problems, disappointingly, remain the same. From Disney’s racist and propagandistic Mickey Mouse animations during the World War era to tiny waists and ‘pretty’ faces, children’s television shows are replete with negative stereotypes. According to Gerbner's cultivation theory, exposure to content on television facilitates the development of concepts regarding social norms... read more »

Technically Creepy

I buzzed and lit up with a banner on my screen which read "you have three new messages". The light caught her eye and she immediately typed in her password. When she saw that the prompt was from Facebook, she sighed and rolled her eyes. For the past two weeks, she had been receiving the most outrageous of messages in her "other inbox" and was beginning to wonder how many creeps could possibly exist on the internet. The figure 1.2 billion loomed ominously in her mind. As she slowly opened her inbox, she saw a message which read "ma'am, u r beauty with brains". Seeing... read more »

Confessions of a Newlywed Feminist

Two months ago, I got married. Ever since, my identity as a Feminist was mulled over, chewed upon, dissected and reinforced! It has evolved. Let me tell you how it happened. I was blissfully happy. Everywhere I looked, unicorns seemed to fart rainbows. One week into the marriage, I reported back at work where my friends were naturally curious about the state of affairs. And to a male friend’s casual enquiry of who does the cooking, I proudly declared that I take care of it. Mostly. He sounded appalled and went “there goes your feminist bullshit. Got married and became one of them, huh?” I... read more »

You're Good...For A Girl: An Overview of Women in Music

We live in the 21st century. Areas like music, visual art, and dance have pretty much equal representations of both sexes, right? In school, my art classes were filled to the brim with young talented girls and occasionally (maybe once in two years) an equally talented boy would join. At school and college fests, I'd see all-girl dance teams and perhaps one or two dance teams with boys. Singing in various choirs over the years, I noticed that for every fifteen girls there was perhaps one boy (if we were lucky). At the professional level, something very different is seen. It's like we lose the plot... read more »