Feminism India

Faith, Farces, and Females.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of other contributors to FI. I understand that this is a sensitive topic and I write this to pose questions that we all can think about. I do not intend to offend. I've interacted with several people who call themselves feminists, both online and offline. Most of them either identify as atheist or anti-religious. I see feminist pages on Instagram with 'god-free' or 'atheist' in their bios. Famous feminists have often rejected religion. I've been raised in a Christian home with both my parents being supporters and advocates of gender equality.... read more »

If only the skirt was longer - Where do we, as a country, go wrong?

A few days ago, I was at a security awareness training meant solely for women. It focused on the threats faced by women. The whole training was very informative and exciting but what was not very exciting was seeing my country, India, lead most lists, in different aspects, as one of the most unsafe places for women. A survey conducted by ActionAid UK indicated that 4 out of 5 women in India experience some form of sexual harassment in their lives. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reports an increase in the rate of violent crimes against women since 2009. According to an often quoted statistics... read more »

Marriage - a ceremony or life-sentence?

Tears in her big and bold eyes, vermilion on her radiant forehead. Draped in a red saree, henna all over her hand. A beautiful smile on her bright face, bangles jingling away. Dazzling with a glow, she enters the doorpost of what she thinks is her new abode. The world ahead of the doorpost, magnanimous and pure. Little did she know, the bangles in her hands that she did adore, Were nothing but handcuffs and the bountiful home, her prison. The eyes that once dreamed and sparkled, are now dry and deceived. Vermilion intact, down and down her forehead weighed. If only her marriage was an... read more »

The Indian Colour Complex

I have something called synesthesia. It is a phenomenon where your sensory and cognitive pathways intertwine resulting in involuntary sensory-cognitive experiences. In my case, I see days and months in colours set in a specific space. There is a pattern and colour to the way days and months are set in my imagination. And for a very long time, I figured it was the same for everyone else. While, we may not share a synesthetic mind, seeing colours in other human beings is a common and often involuntary phenomenon in our day to day lives. The tendency to associate colour to race based on ingrained stereotypes... read more »

Feminism of Contradiction: To be or not to be?

We live in a society where being a woman is a feat in its own merit. With the drastic increase in discussions about feminism and gender issues today, a million opinions of individuals all over the world have emerged. There are those who are concerned about the state of society. Among them, there are those who call themselves ‘feminists’: men and women who try to find solutions to the challenges that women face. Some of them are learned scholars, people with degrees in anthropology and social sciences. Some are self-taught and self-proclaimed. Within these groups, there are sects: from mild sympathizers to radical revolutionaries to straight... read more »