Feminism India

Feminstagramming: The Rise of the Creative Feminist on Social Media.

DISCLAIMER: This post contains graphic images. Where there is a society, there are opinions. And these, when strong enough, find a way to be expressed. Opinions often have to fight great odds to be shared, and subsequently, gather more potency as they beat their suppressors. Women through history have been known to have opinions of this exact nature. Thankfully for those of us living in urban societies of the 21st century, gone are the days when Jane Austen had to use a pseudonym to comment on the world and its working. Today, women who are aware, empowered, and passionate about their identities and their place in... read more »

I wish...

I wish, I were 14 when he was 24 So that I wouldn't have these nights to deal with, I would feel beautiful with my stretch marks, And these huge thighs wouldn't be a burden. I wish I was taught about a bad touch, I wish I was taught to shout, I wish I had not loved my candies so much, I wish I could run away, I wish I didn't love the idea of marriage so much. I wish, I never met, this side of me, When my belly intakes no food, When my skin yells to swell, When my heart shouts no good And... read more »

Feminist not Fascist!

The year was 2014, I was attending a vocational training camp in Kochi, Kerala, India. The trainer, a man in his late thirties, asked the class if anyone was a feminist. The class remained immobile and silent. From the second last row in which I was seated, I half raised my hand. He glanced in my direction and chose to ignore me. The year is 2017, I was attending a house party in London, United Kingdom. A female friend of mine and I, were shaking our heads hopelessly after failing to convince two of our male friends what feminism was. The two Indian boys we were... read more »

Hello beautiful!

Hello beautiful, This is to tell you, Appraisals don't matter, Until you feel the beauty yourself I've been complimented All my life, I've been asked out By many, This doesn't matter. This is to tell you, There is a part Of me, Which tells me I'm not beautiful Ignoring the opinions Of everyone Beauty lies within; Is true actually But to you, This is just a quote This is to tell you, It's not the men Who make you Beautiful It's you Not for today But forever But to you This is just a poem This is to tell you, Don't just say 'I'm beautiful' Because... read more »


Episode 1 of our podcast - “What marriage, now?” - was our attempt to summarise the marriage situation in India, specifically when it comes to the shit-storm that youngsters in our country have to navigate the minute they introduce their girlfriends/boyfriends to their families. We discussed how we felt that religion was usually the biggest barrier when it came to marrying someone of your choice, followed by caste and community. However, if you’ve listened to the episode, you might remember that we mentioned another little point about “numbers” in passing, but couldn’t dwell on it too much due to the simple technicality of... read more »