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D.H. Lawrence emphasised and explored this topic in Lady Chatterley's Lover, and almost a century later, women's sexual satisfaction and orgasm inequality are finally becoming mainstream subjects of discussion. Cosmopolitan's 2015 survey found that 57% of women in heterosexual relationships orgasm most or every time they have sex, while for their partners, the figure rose to 95%. The female orgasm has been shrouded in mystery and confusion - because to understand female sexual pleasure, we have to, you know, talk about it. A large part of the problem lies with on-screen sex being mostly penetrative; but studies show that only around 8% of women orgasm... read more »

Politicizing Clothing

Clothing is complicated and women are often blamed for taking their own sweet time when it comes to choosing, assembling and dressing ourselves. But the world worries when a woman chooses something that it deems revolutionary and hence for the sake of internal peace and serenity we may take a little longer to make the appropriate choice regarding our attire. Probably this is why the term ‘wearing’ is synonymous with mental or physical tiredness. Speaker Paul Ryan (like the few other things that he is extremely passionate about) is a firm proponent of ‘appropriate business attire in the House’. The recent debate around the 'appropriateness of... read more »

The Women Who Shaped India

As India celebrates 70 years of independence today, we at Feminism India want to celebrate some of the iconic yet less represented women who helped shape our great nation. Each member of our team has individually contributed to this piece and we're proud to present to you this list of great women who were born between 1577 and 1915. Nur Jahan: A brilliant strategist, architect, diplomat and one of the sharpest minds in Indian history - this describes empress Nur Jahan best. But she has gone down in history as a manipulative and power hungry woman who made ambition seem toxic. Yet it is impossible to... read more »

Lipstick Under my Burkha : A bystander's review

Disclaimer: This is my first movie review. These are purely my thoughts and opinions. Spoiler ahead. I call myself a bystander because I'm a girl who is not allowed to go to movies in theatres. According to my community (Pentecost Christians from Kerala), it is a sin. Especially as a girl committing this act, I would be condemned and judged by everyone. I have to prepare myself to go to the movies. There are only three girls in my office including myself. We had decided a couple of weeks back to watch some good movies together. Something like a girls day/night out. We live in... read more »

In Conversation with Tina from Mom Boss of 3

The Desi Outsiders had a rivetting conversation with Tina from Mom Boss of 3 about balancing life as a married woman, a Mum of three kids under the age of six, and her passion project that is YouTube. Grab a cup of tea, sit back, and join Ankita and Meenal in this chat with Tina. A: Tina, we feel that there’s a chapter of your life that no one really talks about anymore. And that chapter is your life pre-Harpreet. So let’s start at the very beginning. What was your life like before you became the Mom Boss of 3? My life is very... read more »