Feminism India

I wish...

I wish, I were 14 when he was 24 So that I wouldn't have these nights to deal with, I would feel beautiful with my stretch marks, And these huge thighs wouldn't be a burden. I wish I was taught about a bad touch, I wish I was taught to shout, I wish I had not loved my candies so much, I wish I could run away, I wish I didn't love the idea of marriage so much. I wish, I never met, this side of me, When my belly intakes no food, When my skin yells to swell, When my heart shouts no good And... read more »

Hello beautiful!

Hello beautiful, This is to tell you, Appraisals don't matter, Until you feel the beauty yourself I've been complimented All my life, I've been asked out By many, This doesn't matter. This is to tell you, There is a part Of me, Which tells me I'm not beautiful Ignoring the opinions Of everyone Beauty lies within; Is true actually But to you, This is just a quote This is to tell you, It's not the men Who make you Beautiful It's you Not for today But forever But to you This is just a poem This is to tell you, Don't just say 'I'm beautiful' Because... read more »